Meet the Team: Sébastien

  • Vianney Bajart
  • September 12, 2017

Sébastien Léger – Founder and CEO

35 years old

“French Tech Entrepreneur in AI”

Sébastien is a French Tech entrepreneur. After working 15 years in the telecommunications and computer science industry he decided to create his own venture in 2015. His vision is that machine learning and big data can create new opportunities for the telecommunications and IoT industries. Sébastien is leading teams in France and Japan in order to bring accessible innovation and best-in-class technology to telecommunications service providers and IoT companies all over the world.

At 35 years old, Sébastien still wears running shoes, but today they serve a new purpose. Sébastien is a versatile electron, aiming to overcome present challenges and beyond.

Keeping an open mind and agility is extremely important. We have an Agile structure and the ability to execute extremely efficiently. Technology is moving fast. We’re investing a lot of effort in AI. We want to deliver AI benefits to our customers right away. AI and ML will change product offers and services for the next decade. You don’t want to miss it!

Sébastien’s personal life is also fulfilling. With a wife and two little pirates, Sébastien likes to make the most of every moment with family. Leisure time involves Mölkky practice in Annecy; skills can improve…with a lot more training!

The Alps are a real playground for kids. Still so young, yet already doing well on skis!

When he’s not spending time on innovation, Sébastien searches for talent.

We have amazing talent in the team and I’m grateful for their impressive achievements and commitment. We are building a great team, and always looking forward to new Startup team members joining us so we can move together to the next level. The ‘French Tech’ is a great initiative: hard work combined with talent can achieve wonders at a good pace to challenge Silicon Valley ventures.

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