Meet the Team: Guillaume

Guillaume Quetand

35 years old

“Early Adopter and Finance Guru”

Guillaume is both an investor and a board advisor. He brings his finance expertise and complementary skills to the team. Guillaume is CFO at NERIM Group in the telecom industry. His long success track record includes finance position at AMS and Valeo.

headphones on wooden table with phone and mug

Guillaume is a technology addict — and one of the early adopters. His first computer was connected to NAPSTER before most of us knew about digital music. Everything now is digitally connected, from his car, to his home, and other must-have IoT devices! Guillaume has a pragmatic mind; he declares about his interest in technology:

I never looked at technology from the inside. I have more interest in innovation that changes the way we do things, to become more efficient, to improve.

Guillaume lives in the present moment wisely. Finance is an opportunity to enlighten business numbers, and set smart goals with measurable data.

About the team, he declares:

The team is filled with skills and commitment. Their passion and strong capabilities to achieve make perfect qualities to reach high expectations.


This interview was recorded on September 4, 2017.

About Sebastien Leger

Sébastien is a French Tech entrepreneur. After working 15 years in the telecommunications and computer science industry he decided to create his own venture in 2015. His vision is that machine learning and Big-Data can create new opportunities for the telecommunications and IoT industries. Sébastien is leading teams in France and Tokyo, Japan in order to bring accessible innovation and best in class technology to telecommunications service providers and IoT companies located anywhere in the world.
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