What is so hype about artificial intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence has inspired many science fiction novels and movies. Is it still science fiction?

No, not anymore. AI is alive! Nowadays, artificial intelligence is disrupting all sectors of the economy which invest heavily in R&D. This includes energy, automotive, transport and finance. Technology advances have allowed AI to develop very strongly in recent years.

Beyond this evolution, how can AI impact your business?

The evolution of artificial intelligence

Computer scientist Geoffrey Hinton, who studies neural networks used in artificial intelligence applications, poses at Google’s Mountain View, Calif, headquarters on March 25, 2015.

The building block in artificial intelligence is called a neural network (NN), and was inspired by the human brain because of its specifics. Although the neural network theory has been around since 1943 (McCullough & Pitts), neural networks were not performing well. Neural nets were missing an efficient computing power to drive them. In 2006, Geoffrey Hinton (godfather of AI and today leading the Google Brain research team) changed the course of history. At the time, his neural network application outperformed the most advanced voice recognition techniques. While the concept is generic, it can be applied to many research fields. It has evolved into “deep learning”.

Over 10 years, technology development continues to accelerate, and now achieves superhuman performance. For instance, The UK artificial intelligence startup Deepmind — bought by Google in 2014 — was developing software to automatically win in every Atari video game (Mnih et al., 2015). Awesome? Even more impressive is Google achievement in May 2017, when the AlphaGo application beat the top 5 Go players in the world. A superhuman achievement, again!

Smartphone devices have more powerful CPUs than last decade computers. And consequently AI technology now has the potential to fit into every embedded device in our pocket.

Yet, AI is still in its infancy! AI is now accessible to everyone and the community is growing fast. The main benefit of AI is to understand digital data. After all, it is built on top of Big-Data.

What about your data set and your use-case?

Machine learning is the art of teaching an algorithm to perform a highly specific operation for us. Neural nets, and deep learning are pure mathematical algebra. They require lots of calculation, processing power, and data. Without enough data, the machine learning model will not be able to converge and therefore will not be able to find an optimal solution. Again, AI requires lots of data and clever management of this data!

Trust our machine learning wizards!

Whatever we do, we generate data! There are plenty of data sources available today. These data sources can be used for research as well as within production environments. This is excellent news for ML enthusiasts and ML wizards seeking new challenges, like us!

Over the past two years, ML has given outstanding results in several computer science fields including voice recognition, image classification, time series analysis and fraud detection. Our work is to create smart data technologies for the telecommunications and IoT industries, for your business and your requirements.

With data science teams located both in Annecy (France) and Tokyo (Japan), we are ready to dedicate our expertise to the success of your project.

We are an experienced Elasticsearch partner and ML wizards ready to write a data success story together.

For more information, please contact us at: info@redmintnetwork.fr


About Sebastien Leger

Sébastien is a French Tech entrepreneur. After working 15 years in the telecommunications and computer science industry he decided to create his own venture in 2015. His vision is that machine learning and Big-Data can create new opportunities for the telecommunications and IoT industries. Sébastien is leading teams in France and Tokyo, Japan in order to bring accessible innovation and best in class technology to telecommunications service providers and IoT companies located anywhere in the world.
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