Sébastien Léger

31, August 2017

In traditional telecommunications, annual average losses due to fraud are estimated at 2%–5% of operators’ revenues. Although static and empirical rules provide basic anomaly detection and mitigation capabilities, they also create operational complexity and have difficulty remaining accurate over time.

VoIP Fraud Detection White Paper

Differentiating services is key for service providers to build strong brand image. While hacking and phrack can damage reputation, new technologies arise and provide efficient alternatives. This white paper highlights the current risks, and new opportunities driven by AI technology for telecommunication service providers. We explain in this white paper how we use unsupervised learning to create normal and abuse profiles and detect abuse automatically without effort or software configuration.

About iVoIP: We are proud to engineer and offer the iVoIP software solution. iVoIP is a sixth sense in VoIP services that helps service providers with:

  • customer satisfaction, with data-driven quality metrology;
  • revenue assurance, by preventing reputation damage and revenue loss caused by phrack (phone line hacking) events; and,
  • efficient business operations.

Download the whitepaper here.

Download the whitepaper (French version) here.

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